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The name Zeuxis derives from the ancient Greek still life painter of Pliny's Natural History. The painting by Antonio Leonelli, ca. 1500–1510, illustrates the Zeuxis story.

Zeuxis was founded by Phyllis Floyd and several of her painter colleagues in her New York City loft in 1994. Floyd recalls: “In the 1990s sometime I began to assess the condition of still life painting in the climate of the post modernist art world. Prospects looked bleak. It was time to rally my forces, and I drew in still life painters one by one with the object of mounting group exhibitions. Of that nucleus, Kennedy and Baragona remain.

Rita Baragona offered us space at Blair Academy for the first show. This was followed by one at Kohn, Pederson, Fox in the Steinway Building on 57th Street. The needed assistance materialized somehow with the usual complaining and argument such cooperative projects engender. But the large opening was exhilarating, and Zeuxis was on its way.”

Since then, Zeuxis exhibitions have appeared in over 50 commercial galleries, museums, and college exhibition spaces across the country. These shows have been reviewed in The New York Times, The New York Observer, The New York Sun, and numerous other publications.

To increase the interest and variety of the exhibitions, Zeuxis usually specifies themes for upcoming shows. Zeuxis routinely asks outside artists to participate. Over the years, these have included:

Lennart Anderson, Martha Armstrong, William Bailey, Richard Baker, Leland Bell, Sallie Benton, Biala, Nell Blaine, Tom Burckhardt, Caren Canier, Donna Cehrs, Richard Chiriani, Lois Dodd, Kate Emlen, Benny Fountain, Jane Freilicher, Barbara Goodstein, Owen Gray, Elliott Green, Nancy Grimes, Nancy Hagin, Mark Karnes, Catherine Kehoe, Penny Kronengold, Gabriel Laderman, James Lechey, Marion Lerner-Levine, Mark Lewis, Stanley Lewis, Matthew Lopas, Louisa Matthiasdottir, Wilbur Niewald, Elizabeth O'Reilly, Langdon Quin, Susannah Phillips, Paul Resika, Emil Robinson, Stephanie Sanchez, Stuart Shils, Don Southard, Carol Stewart, Walter Strach, Wayne Thiebaud, Mary Jo Vath, Susan Jane Walp, Bill White, Trevor Winkfield, and Sharon Yates.

All content and artwork © Zeuxis and all of its artists.
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